Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pahiyas Pleasures

Every now and then we take the whole family to Lukban, Quezon, the hometown of my husband. It's a good 3hour drive from Manila. Every 15th of May, the town of Lukban celebrates the Pahiyas Festival, a tribute to its patron saint, San Isidro. In the Catholic faith, San Isidro is the patron of farmers. Lying at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, the main industry in lukban is farming.

Several fun activities are held during the whole week of the festival but the most exciting day is on the 15th: when they held the parade showcasing their culture , and also this day, homes of the Lukbanins, are dressed-up using their harvests from their farms.

Here are some of the scenes from our recent trip:

These are called Higantes (Giants), native mascots standing about 12feet, and are standard participants of the parade. The mascots are a hit with the kids, who get scared when the Giants reaches downward to the crowd.

The beauty is in the details! Houses dressed-up in native farm produce e.g. rice stalks, vegetables, fruits, and other root crops.

These are called Arangya. A chandelier-like colorful decor made from rice. It takes about 2months to make an arangya. Each of the leaves, called Kiping, are made from cooked pounded rice, which they lather on fresh leaves. They let it dry, and then, with gentle care, take-off the leaf-shaped rice from the leaves. It's a very, very delicate, painstaking procedure. The townsfolks in Lukban, Quezon are known for their industriousness.

Designers from the province, outdo themselves, as they utilize homegrown, organic materials to give a twist to the traditional Filipino attire, Barong Tagalog for men and the elegant Terno for women.

The local beast of burden, carabao also joins the festivities. The carabao is the farmer's bestfriend, as they help plow the field.

More tales from Lukban, next!!

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life thru lens said...

i'm missing so much of Lucban, especially the Pahiyas Festival.