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Awesome Reunion ..... continues.

So... you must be really excited to know what ACTUALLY happened during the reunion! But, since you are already my captured audience. You have no choice, I will keep you in suspense, a little bit more. :) Shall we talk about, how did this get-together came about anyway?

"Boring naman pag tayo lang lagi nagkikita. Next time, Sama natin lahat... reunion!" a year ago, May 2010, Mall of Asia

Robin Espina, fresh from attending a successful reunion from his old school, ASMS La Salle in Lutopan, broached the idea of having one for ASJMS to his batchmates Buddy Rivera, Paolo Aban and Arlyn Lim. They were all agreeable, it's the perfect time to have a reunion. Most of us have never seen each other, say for 17? 20? years, especially our beloved teachers.

Buddy came up with the Grupo Animo in Facebook, (where everybody else is, these days.) When I heard about it, I know i have to join. For one, I miss all my ASJMS friends & teachers. I owe so much to them. Second, this is the first reunion! Hindi natin alam kung mauulit pa ito. So, I got my tickets quite early, even if hubby has not given his consent yet. :)

Marilyn, the best ka talaga!

When monetary support started coming-in... First on the list is Marilyn Manaytay, their generous batchmate, who I think has totally reinvented herself as a fashion forward Woman of Substance in Connecticut, USA. I knew, this reunion will really come about.

So, I called up my bestfriend Dzo in Cebu, & told him to volounteer our services for the program. For selfish reasons. One, to satiate our Star Complex. Two, we wanted to relieve our tandem. We used to host school programs together in the school or Recreation Center.

Ocular visits of venues

They initially picked the uber chic Maribago Blue Waters as venue. However, upon discussion they realized that lowering the registration would allow more people to join, and the extra monies can just be used for food, prizes, gifts for our teachers & other logistics. So, they got White Sands. But it's summer afterall, so they weren't able to secure the place.

Sabi ko kay Dzo, "Kahit Saan... Kahit sa Mababang Paaralan ng Lapu-lapu o sa Basketball court ng Maribago.. mag-e-emcee ako dyan!" The raison de entre is, Seeing each other again ; A luxurious venue is just secondary. Amazingly, they got EGI.

I drafted the program flow and sent it to amabel to present to the group. Communications were via emails/ SMS, and fb, usually every morning before Dzo, Buddy, Mabel go about their work. Program was polished with Irelan adding a few more details. The core group met several times for practices, usually at Amores' residence.

From what i heard, Robin was also making the rounds of calling our overseas schoolmates to ask for support. Buddy was a bit apprehensive on the costs. He initially thought it will a small get-together like a picnic. But then, the numbers kept growing, especially the teachers list! Of course, we cannot let the teachers pay ano! Shame on us, hahaha! :)

Thankfully, the monetary support showered-in. I don't need to mention everyone. We have a separate listing for that. Thank you all, from the bottomest part of our hearts!

In case you forget, Honeur A Toi lyrics on the programme
Junjun Alinsug made all the lay-out of invites & all the other printables for the program souvenir & games. Amabel's printing presses ran all the paperworks. Slideshows were done by Dzo & myself, with special thanks to all who contributed the old photos (ariel sevilleno, lucille alinsug, mayla chang, jinky trazo, alma lim and jovelyn heyrosa) Some pics cause others so much embarassment to even look at them :)

Anyhow, just so everyone knows.. there was a lot of HARDWORK and LOVE behind the event. With all the demands of our daily grind, it's amazing that the organizers were able to pull this off! Blowing kisses to you, guys! Good Job!

Now...On with the happenings!!

The Opening Salvo was a medley of all our Memorable performances in the past. Think School Anniversaries, Aroroy Town Fiesta. Field Demonstrations. Gearing up everyone with green & white crepe papers, the opening dance was the Fame! Everyone was on their feet, and who else but Madam Amores, can distincly remember the steps!

"Baby, Look at me, and tell me what you see, you ain't seen the best of me yet..."

""Fame! I'm gonna live forever... light up the sky like a flame. Fame! I feel it coming together.. Baby, remember my name!"


After the rousing Fame, out comes Arlyn, Aldrin & Ruby as they relive one of our favorite folk dances of all time, Singkil. Every beat of the beating bamboos, talaga namang feel na feel... snobbish at aristokrata. I wonder if Buddy asked permission from Ateneo de Cebu, when he brought out that Kalasag & Kris. :)

The next number was South Pacific. They grabbed Arlene Bonagua, Ram Agapay & Jinky Trazo to reprise their past characters. No need for practice on this one. As Arlene and Jinky seem to know every word of those unintelligable polynesian song. They are so into it, it seems like.. our life is the way it was before, that I had goosebumps.

Memories rushed-in as, the strains of another hawaiian song My Little Grass Shack faded-in. Irelan coaching everyone the long-forgotten dance steps. It was my first field demo when i enrolled in the school, and i can still feel the burning heat of the sun, as we danced our way at Aroroy High School, during fiesta, with our full-grass skirts, made of colorful straws. "I wanna go back to my little grass shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii. I wanna be with all the kanies and wahinis that I knew long ago.. so long ago."

After that, Irelan did her old showstopper performance of New York, New York. "If I can make it here.. I'll make it Everywhere." Yes, my dear ate irelan. We all did Make it... our own spot of sunshine in this world. (now, my eyes are misty while writing..)

Then came buddy & arlyn, doing the little steps of another of our old time favorite, "Tinikling." Tatata-tantan- tantan-ta-tantan.... You get the melody right?! Everyone clapping while they flirt with the imagined clashing bamboo poles. Apparently, Lechon Cebu do not come in poles, that's why we had to make believe.

Then it's time for some serious singing in "We are the World." Mind you, hindi sila lipsync ha! Who else but Charisse Bayno to call-on, when we need to birit..
"Well, well, Let's realize, that a change can only come... when we Stand together as one.."

Buddy & Irelan tied-up everything, as they sang their highly-acclaimed "Magandang Gabi Sa Inyong Lahat." of course, the need to change, "gabi to araw" is highly reasonable. As the last strains of the song faded, they introduced the hosts for the day... Ms..Dewie Chang & Mr. Jojo Jumao-as.

Aba, it's not our nature to enter ng ganon-ganon na lang. We got Everyone on their feet as we gave our rousing rendition of Spandau Ballet's Gold. "We are Gold! Always believe in our soul. We got the power to know.. We're indestructible..always believin'" O di ba?

As the upbeat strains of Gold continues, we made a Roll-Call. Each batch came up in-front to shout-out & let everyone know that, their batch is, "PRESENT!" Such energy!In fairness, each batch is represented, save for the oldest batch which was Batch '87

Not to be outdone, the teachers gave their own booming, "Present!" as well.

Needless to say, where two or three Filipinos are gathered, there's picture-taking! Lots and lots of them!

O ano, bitin pa rin ba? Well, Opening pa lang yan eh!
Tutuloy pa ba natin ang kwento?!

xoxo, dewie

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