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Final Cut : Awesome ASJMS Reunion

What was Jess Flores' confession?
What is the secret to Mark & Arlene's relationship?
***(hint: it's not communication or faithfulness..)
Why did Irelan shriek hearing the words Moreno and Lagoon?
Who fell-in line to get their crush' signature?
Who were the three gentlmen who revealed they had a secret crush on me before?

I recall you were salivating for the answers, to the above? Curious 'eh? Curiosity kills the cat! But.. will that stop you, from reading my litany further? I think not. So, read on...

After that rousing Opening Salvo, everyone was up on their feet, circulation going, we were ready to begin our lessons for the day!

Lesson 1 Mathematics
It's actually a fun game, similar to the game "The Boat is Sinking". Sa totoo lang ha, We had a hard time encouraging them to join. Nagkaka-hiyaan pa ata. Or perhaps they were scared since Madam Ramas is in-attendance? As if hindi alam ni madam, kung gaano tayo kagaling sa math :)

The mechanics is :
Girls are valued at 10cents each, while the boy are 5cents each.
The host will call out a value. They have to group themselves into such amount.

First amount...a no-brainer. 60cents. That's just 6 Ladies huddled together.

The next amount was 35cents, the 5 boys wouldn't let go of Alma.
Takot ma-eliminate!

The final crux was, when the hosts called out 45cents.
Lew and Robin fought it out for the girls.
Hmmm.... I wonder what's on their minds?

(I'm a boy, so I'm 5. There are 4 girls at 10cents each=40. I need those girls!
I don't want to be eliminated!)

It's ok Robin. Be a Good Sport. Lew let you pass Christian Living before :)

Needless to say, those eliminated suffered the consequence... a dance number! :)
Madam Amores was game na game, but the boys are so arte!

I think we tired-out everyone, so we announced ...


If my memory serves me right, there were calamares, fish fillet, lemon-buttered chicken, spare ribs adobo, some green vegies. Suffice to say, it was sumptous.

Desserts were fresh fruits in season, Buco Pandan and brownies...

and the chef d'oeuvre ... Lechon Cebu! (3 pigs went to heaven that day!)

So... How's the food?

Here.. picture paints a thousand words.

As you can see from Jb's expression, this Manilenyo is not used to Sukang Pinakurat:

How's the food, Gwen? No need for words. Those tongue-licking-lips says everything.

I think I can hear jinky says, she postponed her diet 'til tomorrow..

While everyone was enjoying lunch, we played an MTV slideshow of old and new photographs of alumni. Unfortunately, we didn't achieve the impact we wanted, because of the harsh daylight :(

However, we posted the videos in Grupo Animo. Did you catch them? Dzo taught in ASJMS for a few years, and he collected and treasured all those photographs.

Lesson 2 Christian Living
How well do you Know your Schoolmate?

Then, It's time to bring Up the energy level again! As a host, it's a major challenge. Such an unholy hour... everyone is full and sleepy....zzzzzzzzz So, I brought out my favorite game of Bingo. This one will really make them, move their butts and go around the room.

Each one is given a bingo card, which I prepared long before the event. (Thanks Mabel & Jun). The card contains boxes of funny descriptions, and they have to go around, and let others sign, whoever fits the description. The first 3 persons to finish all the boxes, wins!

Check out the bingo card:

Funny descriptions:
Na-utangan ko sya Noon * Laging late sa Class * Mataray * Magaling sa Math * Nag-Yosi sa School Noon * and of course, ang pamatay .... "Crush ko siya Noon."

The winners of this game where Lew, Meti and Irelan. Wala akong masabi kay Lew! Two major games, Siya winner! We let them read their answers on-stage.

The Most memorable were:
Lew's "Na-copyahan ko siya noon" -- apparently he used to borrow the lesson plans of Mrs. Bathan (guide lang naman daw, because he was a new teacher!)
Lew's "Crush ko Siya Noon" - Arlyn Lim (Haba ng hair ng lola ko :) )
Meti's "Crush ko Siya Noon" -- Jessito Flores! Aha!! (sabay kamot sa ulo ni Jess)
Irelan's "Crush ko Siya Noon" -- Archie (bakit, may iba pa ba?)
Irelan's "Comedian sa Class" -- Paolo Aban (Amo man gihapon nyan..)All 3 of them, tagged Aldrin Golingan as "Single Pa Rin"

Single Dad, but Aldrin still appears as the Most Eligible Bachelor in Town!

The Three Gentlemen
Now, you ask me! Who were the 3 gentlemen, who let me sign their bingo cards, under the box... "Crush Ko Siya Noon?"
Oh my goodness! Shocker talaga! Crush pala nila ako! It took them 20years to tell me?! Hmm... As for you my dear readers...Nakaka-kilig ba?! Are you curious to know?
Ahem... out of respect to the 3gents... pwedeng... Secret na lang namin yun? ;)

But feel free to let your imaginations roam..

(Lord, wag sana akong i-libel mga lalaking nilagay ko ang pics dito.)
Gentlemen, just exercising my artistic license, ok?! PEACE!

O Kilig ba? Naku, madami pa! We should have collected those Bingo acards and showed them to everyone here! Ay... Wag na lang. Madaming Mabibisto!

Lesson 4 Physics

"Hands, Forward, Raise!" Parang flag ceremony lang!

As always, it's a Battle of the Sexes. They had to arrange themselves in descending or ascending order.. depending on categories the hosts will call-out.

Fun Categories includes:
...from the shortest to the longest hair...
...from the nearest to the farthest residence..
...alphabetically arrange your nicknames...
...from the youngest to the oldest age...

The boys were always the first to shout, "Animo La Salle!"

But when you ask for their answers..hmm... parang mali. (Danilo scratches head)

The ladies won this game, after much protests from the guys that we're biased.

Our lovely purveyor of game prizes..

Lest I forget...another juicy part. During registration, we let everyone fill-out a Getting-To-Know-You Again Index Card. They were made to write One Most Unforgettable time in ASJMS and what happened to them after graduation.

The answers are nostalgic and funny! Dzo and I read the entries, and we asked the crowd to guess, whose owns that particular card. We had fun guessing and we we're amazed at two particular revelations :)

Jess Flores' One Most Unforgetable Experience in ASJMS - "I courted two fellow teachers at both na-basted ako." The crowd went wild. We didn't know that! Of course, I had to do my job as host, Sino?! Sinong nagbasted sa yo? Ms. Moran and Ms. Credo. The Bicolana beauties :( Waaaaa...

Buddy Rivera's entry - "My most unforgetable experience is during lunch break, playing in the lagoon, with Archie, Moreno...." Opps, we barely finished the sentence when Irelan shrieked..nooo! noo! stop!! Dzo & I was taken aback, "What? it's not her card!" Hmmmm.. did we unintentionally divulge something about Irelan, Lagoon, Archie, Moreno? To serve our ate irelan from further inquiry, especially since Mdm. Bathan & Mdm. Amores are there... we revealed it's buddy's entry.

Guys, Irelan's slip of the tongue, is something we have to explore next reunion :)
Arlyn, I understand you kept the index cards?! Those are national treasures now.

Recognition Day: Reunion Royalties

Another memorable time in our school was Recognition Day. Remember when we were asked to bring our parents to school to pin our medals?

We also had a fun mini-Recognition Day at the reunion! We even had these cute silly sashes made by Buddy's students. To prevent violent objections, we asked the teachers to determine the recipients.

Here they are... walang kokontra!

The Swan
Jinky Trazo has totally transformed herself to become this lovely beauty, whose age is not something to be ashamed of, but rather Proud @ 42.

The Northern Star
As Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar's: "I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality There is no fellow in the firmament."
Isselle Bonagua was beautiful before, as she is now.

The Navigator
Richel Sale, our captain of the fleet, bagged this award. He's a trail blazer. From a successful career as an airforce officer to becoming a commercial pilot.

Mr. Public Servant
Aldrin Golingan in his acceptance speech, "My duty is to serve & protect your life & property. Ikaw, Kayo, Tayo ang Simula ng Pagbabago dahil Kayo ang boss ko!" Spoken like a true public servant, no wonder, almost everyone got his cellphone number after. ('drin, pwede kita taw-gan pag nahuli ako?)

The Survivor
Florence Acuesta, overcame odds to be what she is today. Not everyone knew that Florence, didn't have relatives in Cebu. She was supported by Mrs. Fonie Limosnero with her studies. Now, she's a Master teacher.

Mr. and Ms. Congeniality
Ate Irelan has always been everyone's elder sister. We all love her. Robin, who was with asjms for only two years, always extend his friendliness and tries his best to get to know everyone, especially the younger batches whom he hasn't met before.

Together Forever Award
High School Sweethearts and now Parents of their 3 children, Mark & Arlene were asked the secret of their long-lasting relationship. Communication, Faithfullness...blah..blah.. only when the guys shouted, Great Sex! The crowd went whoot-whoot!"

Could it be, that we didn't experience Monarchial form of government that we love to infuse Royalty in our events? And so... we bestow the illustrous...

Reunion King and Queen
I have no qualms about Buddy receiving such distinguished award. He worked hard to organize the event, he sang, danced, he's a friend to all, etc. etc. Definitely, reunion king material.

But, as for me?! Do I deserve it? What did I do ba?

I conceived the program, drummed-up excitement in fb for the event, solicited moolah, sang/dance, "game mastered", composed an MTV, emcee-ed, and until now, I'm keeping the energy alive thru my blogs. Hmm... did i hear, still hot & gorgeous despite 3kids? Yes, yes. Definitely Reunion Queen material. Thanks my dear teachers!! Good thing, Humility was not one of the criteria ;)

Mini-Tribute for Teachers
You remember Teachers Day? When our teachers all dressed-up, extra pretty for the day, and we will do something to surprise them? We cannot let this day pass by, without giving accolade to our beloved teachers, who molded us, with the La Sallian values of Committment to Excellence, Brotherhood and Service.

Colorful Horse figurines, tokens for our mentors.

Good choice, guys. In feng shui, horses brings the energy of success, fame, and freedom... all in top-speed.

We called an alumni to give a special introduction to each teacher.

(guys, prepare your hankies.. I'm already crying as I write this part..)

"She was the one who 1st taught me about computers. She let me type my name on the keyboard and printed it. Awesome those days"

"I wish I had longer time in ASJSM to get to know Mr. Daniel better. All i know, he has great taste. He married our beautiful adviser Ms. Loresto."

"Growing up, we were a bunch of insecure adolescents, but your patience in developing our talents and skills, gave us the confidence to stand on our own..for that we ever so grateful "

"You musicality inspire us to love music as well. Thank you for your wonderful gift ~ our beautiful and enduring School Song"

"You opened our eyes to the world.."

"You made learning fun.. thanks for all the memories.."

"You encouraged us to be the best we can be..."

"Without you, we will not be..what we are today.."

"Here is a guy, who is not just a teacher, but also our friend."

"You took the place of my parents, when I need someone to be up the stage with me."

The teachers' response were equally moving:

"Congratulations, guys! A job well done, especially to our organizers, the sponsoring batch. It's great to see all of you again. I hope that you can make this happen every year!"


"Thank you for looking back at your mentors. I hope I've touched your lives and made a difference in you. In everything you do, in your journey through life, do it all for the Glory of God. God bless, us all."

"It's been years since I've seen all of you. Now when I look at you, Successful in each of your own fields, having families of your own. I feel a great sense of fulfillment. A teacher is fulfilled when she sees her students, whom she had given wings to fly..come back...Stronger, Mightier than they were before.

"I had the opportunity to go to other places, but nothing compares to the sense of community that I found with each and everyone of you. Thank you for inviting me here. To see you all succesful brings me so much happiness."

"The greatest satisfaction of a teacher, is to see her students, becoming the Best that they can Be."

"The lesson, the seatworks, will forget them! What will remain in your hearts are the discipline, the spirit and the wisdom you gained in school, to enable you to succeed in this world."

"I've been to other reunions, but your school, has this Unique Bond, not just among the students, but among teachers & students. This relationship is rarely found... continue to nurture it."

"I will forever remember ASJMS because the happiest, days of my life are in ASJMS / mgo."

"Time & again, you acknowledge your teachers helped you, etc. What you don't realize, you also helped your teachers become better persons than they are. You constantly challenge us to improve ourselves..for that, we thank you, as well."

I tell you, my dear, no one had dried eyes after those meaningful messages :(

So, it just came naturally, that we sing together, this beautiful Alma Mater Song, that binds as so closely together as a community.

Amidst the Verdant Hills and Mountains
Lies our Very Dear Alma Mater
Sparkling Bright like a Nugget
Blightly yielding with Knowledge.

Brows held high in Great Revere
As we sing in Thankful Praise
Andres Soriano Junior Memorial School
Hail... Hail..Hail..

Ooops!!! Akala nyo, Ending na? Hindi pa.... :)

Of course, we will never miss to sing our favorite but barely comprehensible song, taught by Madam Almacen, Honeur A Toi.

Submission of Homework
If you recall, we asked those joining the reunion, to bring their oldest memorabilia. It's our homework! Four Ladies took the task to heart:

Mrs. Capitan's vintage photograph. Mrs. Bathan's 1st ASJMS yearbook. Amabel's old Misallete. Arlyn's old PE t-shirt

The winner was Amabel and her misalette. It was so old, she was still in grade 1 and has yet to perfect her spelling, "This boklet belongs to Amabel Alinsug."

All good things must come to an end.
The Best Ending is a promise of a Sequel. Right?! Before we cultimated the program, we asked everyone if they wanted to do this again. Do you want another reunion?! Yes! Yes! The shouts can be heard beyond Mactan Island.

My partner seems tired, but the Reunion Queen is still fresh as a Daisy.
Dew: Friend, reunion daw otro.
Dzo: Ka-kapuy na uy!

If you all want another reunion, then, we must all be prepared to work for it!
We elected a Core Group, composed of 2members per batch. These people will work to ensure that another reunion will happen again.

And to make things more exciting, the youngest batch present, Batch '96, these beautiful, enthusiastic and talented people has accepted the Challenge of becoming the sponsor for the next Reunion! We Salute you Batch '96!

Before I drop the final curtains on this blog... let me leave you with some colorful images of those moments when we were saying good-bye to one another, signing each other's souvenir progams, promising to keep in touch.

In behalf of the organizers, We, thank you for your presence, your support, your love and encouragement. Wherever you are in the world.... WE MADE THIS HAPPEN!

Congratulations and See you next Reunion!!

St. John Baptist, De La Salle, Pray for Us.
Leave Jesus in our Hearts, Forever!

No Ending here.
The Story Continues.


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RipeMango said...

carlo, you always flatter me with your kind and ego-boosting compliments. When u come to Manila, lunch and dinner, on me! :) i haven't been writing. as you can see, the other entries are soooooo old. But your words, inspire me, to take up the hobby again. thank you!!

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RipeMango said...

thanks for the comments teena. yes, high school memories are the best!!