Monday, May 2, 2011

Awesome ASJMS Reunion

The Cebu sun dawned bright and early as we trooped to EGI Resort in Mactan Island, Cebu for our school's 1st school reunion / get-together. I drove Dzo's sister Carmel's Hyndai Getz. It's my first time to drive in Cebu, and I'm quite excited. When they said, let's take the old bridge, because the new one might be congested. I feel like I'm in San Francisco. Reminiscence of choosing between the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge. :)

We stopped to pick-up a few friends along the way... Ms. Leslie Luzuriaga, a grade school teacher, who still teaches in ASJMS under the new management. Eva Valcorza, who's two batches younger and Ma. Fe Colo, who, like my friend Florence came all the way from Puro and Aroroy, Masbate. We were convoy along with Aldrin, who already picked-up our christian living teacher, earlier in the morning from the bus terminal.

EGI resort is actually just one of the many resorts in Maribago, Mactan Island. I've been to Mactan only a few times, save for the airport, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, and the Sutukil stalls, I have yet to see their beaches & the famous hotels & casinos. Anyway, I highly doubt I will also get a chance today.

Welcoming the attendees are our lovely elder batchmates, who worked so hard to organize the event.

Irelan Marie Amores, who's now an OB-Gyne but aside from her Speculae, she welds a mean Canon camera. Hmmm, I reminded myself to be in her constant line of sight. :) Amabel Alinsug, now a businesswoman handling their family's printing presses.

Arlyn Lim, statuesque and suave in her luxe beach wear. I heard she works for Linea Italia, the Italian store, one that I rarely go to, because the sales ladies always tower over me. (Well, most do. but do they have to wear addtl 3inches as well?!) Buddy Rivera, who still looks the same as I remember him. Active and always-on-the-go.

"Come in our beloved green & white" our school colors. Since, I'm gonna be the emcee with my bestfriend Dzo, I pulled out all the stops :) This green day dress is from Zara, with a scooping back. A white bandeau from tiangge at St. Francis square. The glass bling on my neck, is an old thing I got from Jakarta. The huge plastic bag is Via Spiga. Sandals, is just Marikina-made Gibi. My BFF is in Green Polo shirt from Bench, but the way he carries it, it can pass for Lacoste :) His white puruntong is Gap.

Enough bragging about my outfit. I like to dress-up but I always remind myself, "Dewie, your best accessory is your Brain." Thanks goodness, I brought it also with me also, that day. :) hahahahha...

So, let's talk about Who's Who / who were there :

The loudest welcome, of course, was from the vivacious Mrs. Irenea Amores, our former school principal. She's still the same, as I remember her! Articulate, Strong-willed, no wonder she overcame breast cancer with aplomb. We regretted about the removal of one of her boobies. But I assured her, we can always get pads, bigger ones at that! :) hahahaha

Quiet and always dignified, our Chemistry teacher and high school assistant principal, Mrs. Angeles Violango. I always admire her for her demeanor and when you talk to her, you are the center of her universe. She now teaches in Ateneo de Cebu; along with Ms. Igot, our computer teacher, who's still sweet and charming. Madam Bathan, our kindergarten teacher, didn't change at all. The same lively eyes and smile.

Mrs. Rebecca Ramas, our fiesty Math teacher was present. Wearing a backless floral top. Madam Ramas in backless? For awhile, I was rubbing my eyes! Yup, the lioness is tamed. She actually looks fitter now, and her short crop suits her.

Ram Agapay, from batch '93, was there in cool mint green. I always admire his skin, it's smoother than mine! He now teaches, at San Carlos University. I heard one of the strictest, as they say in bisaya, "istrikto kaayo." Waaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Jinky Trazo, batch '88, looking so vibrant in yellow. I admitted it took me months before I added her as a friend in FB. I honestly, did not recognize her! Only when she started putting out old asjms photos and commenting on how huge and dark, she was before...that I recalled her. Now, she's a winner! And her eyelashes, will put the peacocks to shame. Elma Lagorin was there, with her long beautiful dark locks. Bagong rebond si ate! :)

Lilibeth Fernandez, bach '89 she's soooooo pretty. I think, she's prettier now than in High School. Talk about, growing-up and looking good. She's an executive in PLDT. I'm guessing.

Another the sweetest couple who were present, Mrs. Dorothy Daniel, who hasn't lost her simple charm and her loving husband, fresh from his stint in Yemen, Mr. Emelito Daniel.

My successful & good-looking batchmates '93 were present. You might say, I'm biased. Of course, I am! Jay Francisco, who never lost his tisoy-boy look. He's managing a shipping manpower agency in the city. Danilo Ngujo, with his lovely wife Apple. Dandan is a successful businessman in Argao. Aldrin, is a Senior Police Officer (SPO4). Senior, with a capital S & emphasis on the 4th. A high ranking officer, dahling!

Florence, is a school teacher in Puro, she now has an M.A. after her name. Not to mention 5 kids! (I'm exaggerating, the first 3 is her widower husband's kids) But she loves them like her own. Richel Sale, now a Captain in Cebu Pacific's fleet, with international routes such as Korea, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore etc.

Dzo, is a school administrator a.k.a The Boss in a Korean-English school in Cebu. Still Single. Oops, Aldrin is still single, too. Single Dad. :) Of course, leading my batch is Moi. An opinionated account manager for an American anti-aging company.

From Batch '95, JB Balicanta. I had to look down to check if he's bringing his lunchbox. It's the way I remember him! He's cute, huge and cuddly! A successful architect and a doting father to his new baby girl. Raymund De la Fuente, the skinny boy whom his Ate Natnat & I use to boss around in their house, is now almost 6feet and handles their family's Crown B business. He's an avid scooter rider, scooting around the Philippines with his group enthusiasts. Celeste Sayson, now a nice poised young lady. Isselle Bonagua, our little Ms. ASJMS, still pretty and single, now a dentist.

Lew Neo, our former Christian Living teacher, fondly talkative as ever! He grew a bit thinner 'though but that did not dampen his energetic personality. Lew spent many, many years in Rome. Alma Lim, still maintained her svelte figure. I absolutely like her description of herself "Happily Separated." Not many could say the same! My pharmacist cousin Ruby, with her flawless skin, will put any yummy espasol to shame!

Mrs. Capitan, one of the elementary school teachers, I've never been under her but I remember her with short curly hair. Now, it's in all-rebonded glory reaching her back.

The younger set were there, batch '96.
Wella Ngujo, who shadow boxes anyone who mistakenly calls her Winkle. She's a diving enthusiast. You can talk for hours about baracudas and sharks. I think she is, working on another course in UP Cebu.

Arnie Enjambre, who totes a huge SLR camera. I made sure I regained his acquaintance ;) Arnie is now a real-estate agent. Now, that should explain all the cebu property tags in my facebook. Carmel Jumao-as, now Med Rep for Natra Pharm. Charisse Bayno, she sings and kinda look-like Charisse Pempengo, and she married a Pineda (relative kaya ni arnel?). So, she's Charisse Pineda. Talk about a name, that sings already by the mere mention.

Who else? who else?

From Batch '92, My soul sister, Lucille Alinsug, looking so slim in her stripe mustard romper. Gwendolyn Emnace, now wearing eyeglasses, but the twinkle in her eyes is still there, like I used to remember.

Junjun Alinsug, whom i consider a younger brod.. I swear, the first time I saw him again, I thought he entered the seminary. He works as an IT staff for Habagat, an outdoor gear shop. His classmate Ryan Ybarsabal, was there with his son from my cousin Cherry.

Jess Flores, arrived amidst the shrieks of the ladies. He's still the same, from the faded jeans (straight-cut, no longer baston, to keep up with the times) and his white shirt. He made a juicy confession during the event... but, you have to wait for it, in my next write-up. ;)

Meti, my elder sis, was there with his hunky hub Vince and cute son vincy. I didn't imagine that Meti, would be married to a "Bad Boy type." Vince has really artistic tattoes on his arms & legs, one of which is "Cristina." Naman! How romantic! I wonder if Meti also has a naughty tattoo, underneath that demure smile?

One guy quietly came-in, without any fanfare is Randy Dino, batch '88. I chatted him up on Fb, once but he seems rather shy and keeps to himself. I understand he's a marketing person for a cebu-based company. Enlighten me, guys!

Balikbayan couple, Madam Ybarsabal, our Grammar teacher, came with good-looking hub Tito Roger and son Ryan. I didn't get to talk much with Madam, since I was so busy preparing for the program. So sorry! By the time, I had a free time, they left already! She's still the same, except for the longer locks, and bangs :)

Ms. Rolly Tejero, the teacher who composed our Alma Mater song was there. Madam Pepito, she used to teach in elementary, was there, too. Melanie Cawaling, an elder batch. I had to introduce myself to Ms. Tejero and Melanie, since I've never met them before.

We were itching to start, but of course, we wanted to wait up for everyone. Sayang the preparation! No one must miss anything! And right on cue...

Robin Espina, batch '90, still young-looking and muy gwapito! (Notice that I need to revert to a foreign language to describe how he look like now.) Hahaha. Exactly as I remember him, when I was in grade 7, and he's in 3rd year. (Ok. Admit it, Better looking, now than before.) Robin works for Philippine Airlines as an International Flight Attendant. Emphasis on the International. With the years he's been travelling, I think he has circumnavigated the globe several times. Hongkong today, Sydney the next, and Los Angeles after. Yet, he still maintains that humble air.

His classmate Paolo Aban, still looking the same, but bulkier. Is he lifting weights? Probably all those heavy machineries at Solid Shipping Lines in Manila, being the Maintenance Supervisor.

Now, of course, you want to know what ACTUALLY happened during the reunion?!

What was Jess Flores' confession?
What is the secret to Mark & Arlene's relationship?
***(hint: it's not communication or faithfulness..)
Why did Irelan shriek hearing the words Moreno and Lagoon?
Who fell-in line to get their crush' signature?
Who were the three gentlmen who revealed they had a secret crush on me before?

Salivating already?! Soon.....

xoxo, dewie


bon carlo said...

this is very nice!
congratulations, well done!

Oliver Mingoy said...

Hi Dewie,
Very nice composition, I enjoyed reading it word for word. I notice that you have had the memory to name everyone in your featured pictures but not until the last one. The one beside Paolo Aban, who seems already loaded with just a bottle of San Mig Light, is the “chicksboy” of Batch 88 (my batch), he is Randy Dino.
I'll give you 24 hours to do some cover-ups. The composition is great and it's a loss to appear in there (in the picture) and not be a part of it. Just kidding.

RipeMango said...

hi oliver,

thanks for dropping by and i appreciate your appreciation. :)
i made a separate three sentence description about Randy Dino.
may i invite you to run through the paragraphs again, u might have missed it... the way.. we missed you at the event, as welll...

regards, Dews

Shah said...

very nice composition..i enjoyed reading it just as much as i enjoyed viewing the pictures!!!

marnie.camungol said...

Dewie, ikaw na!

You really have the power to play over minds... nasa climax na ko, and... "abangan ang susunod na kabanata". When is the next episode coming up?

Melody said...

Thanks for that, Dew. I feel like I was there experiencing it all. I missed all the fun.

Oliver Mingoy said...'s there. I might have missed it because I was enjoying every piece that I haven't noticed I was already on the end part.
I may not have been there personally but I am following all your events. I think I have seen all the pictures from all links and I have seen all the smiles, gestures and expressions. But believe it or not, your composition gave me the experience of being virtually around listening to them the way they have shared it to you.

RipeMango said...

Hi Oliver,

From your words, I can tell you are missing us sooooo much.
So, then... will you promise NOT to MISS the next one ?

Keep in touch @ Grupo Animo for details.

ciao from your younger sis,
(** emphasis on the young)

butterfly said...

this is gonna be an axciting "series"...inabanagan ko talaga...and the fun continues...
well written!

butterfly said...

o sa sobrang excitement ko, me typo ako sa first comment..EXCITING!!! =9 hahaha

jon said...

Ang Ganda ganda namn ng Ms. ASJMS batch 95' nka green, i hope she's single pdn.. cya na ata pnka maganda nakita ko.. pdeng Beauty queen