Thursday, September 20, 2012

F Girls in Italy

by Butterfly,  Guest Blogger

(Fgirls ~ is our group in Facebook composed mainly of  women who are Fun, Fearless,  Fabulous and whose motto is to : Live Life to the Fullest!  Wherever there is an F girl, anywhere in the world, You have a Friend!)


Ripemango and i have been friends, all because of my childhood friend Ted, who became her husband. We've been friends virtually on friendster, now a dead social network, and, luckily, we continued over facebook. I may have long known her husband since childhood (obviously our house back home is adjacent to theirs), but Dew and i happened to talk much thru facebook. Getting the feel of "old time friends". We both love writing and blogging. We already shared a lot, personal and mom stuffs.

First Sight

When she told me, they will be touring Europe, i was ecstatic. At last i will be able to see her. I really love the way she dress. Swak na swak, with accessories and all. Oozing with confidence. Medyo kulang ako nun, magpapahawa ako =). Meeting her for the first time at the central station, my first word was "oooh..geez, hi"...tipong lost for words. It's her! The slim & smart girl with a million dollar smile, that i always see & have in mind.

I'm sure we're discussing what to wear next =)

Virtually, i like her na. In person, i like her more. Hindi maarte, masarap ka-chika. No need for ice breaker. The only one we need is a brake. Ala na'ng preno sa chikas kasi. =) Energy talaga!

The question is, what did the F Girls do in Italy? 16GB SD memory card of digital dslr cameras won't be enough. Words are not enough to describe how we both enjoyed each other's company and how we've been fab in our european styled-everyday attire. 9 days of hopping from cities to cities, savoring italian and filipino foods, the budget may be too high, but in the end, we can't tag a price how much satisfied we were.

Grand Canal (Canal Grande) in Venice won't ever be the same again without us =)
Joining the Vogue's Fashion's Night Out in Milan
Inside St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

Salute to the heroes of the war @ Vittorio Emanuele II Monument (Rome)
Hot mama's at funicular railway in Como

It's called Standing-by with Style @ Galleria di Vittorio Emanuele in Milan

Shopping for Matching Bags @ La Rinascente, Rome

I hope it's not the first and last time we'll be together. Maybe soon i will be gallivanting over the streets of Singapore where she resides. Who knows? Or in the future, we might see ourselves in other european countries. (ipon ng madugong budget!) Anyway, our friendship has been enriched by this tour.

Arco della Pace, Milan


Teena "Butterfly"


butterfly said...

"yay" so chubby ko nga pala last year. (the profile b&w pix) mapalitan nga. hehehe.

anyway, pleasure dear to be here on your fab page. mapa extra man lang.
it's been a blessing to meet someone like you.

F Girls Power!

rocsan said...

great to see f girls moving around the globe. sorry dew, husband accidentally deleted our pics in sg. anyway, ill be back again next year and the shoes you recommended was literally copied by friends. grabe wala pa tayong 1 hr nagshop, got to buy 2 shoes right away, what more if we were given a day or two. maubos kaya ang budget ko ? hahahaha.

RipeMango said...

thanks roscel. happy to have shopped with you! til next adventure!!